Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Specialty Headphones, Anyone?

So recently I discovered that people make some really weird types of headphones.
For instance I found a site where you can buy "swimming headphones" and I found myself thinking " now who would use something like that? "
Well since I was just Googling around, when I found out that there is an online store that happens to sell waterproof swimming headphones, I decided to look farther into it since I was wondering what device would allow you to play your music, under water, liquid water! Other than smartphones such as the
 Casio G'zOne what could there be?
They have other accessories that make your phones waterproof, so no losing that precious data .
Cases such as the Discovery V5 for Android

There are also cases for Apple

and Windows

There is also an alternative to buying an expensive case that might still leak.
There are coating sprays that are supposed to repel water like 
Now go get em buy some new waterproof headphones..

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