Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Specialty Headphones, Anyone?

So recently I discovered that people make some really weird types of headphones.
For instance I found a site where you can buy "swimming headphones" and I found myself thinking " now who would use something like that? "
Well since I was just Googling around, when I found out that there is an online store that happens to sell waterproof swimming headphones, I decided to look farther into it since I was wondering what device would allow you to play your music, under water, liquid water! Other than smartphones such as the
 Casio G'zOne what could there be?
They have other accessories that make your phones waterproof, so no losing that precious data .
Cases such as the Discovery V5 for Android

There are also cases for Apple

and Windows

There is also an alternative to buying an expensive case that might still leak.
There are coating sprays that are supposed to repel water like 
Now go get em buy some new waterproof headphones..

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is it Possible to be a Headphone Hoarder ?

So it is apparently possible to have too many headphones. Such a sad conclusion :/ but now the question is how do you tell that you have too many? Well I was just browsing the internet you know this cool kinda new thing to some people, just being my weird self, and I then I fell upon this some sort of online text ( http://www.head-fi.org/t/466519/you-know-you-have-too-many-headphones-when/15) that people got on and told you instances in which "you have tooooo many headphones!!"  There are certain instances that people are called "the cable guy" not because they work with the cable company but because they have soooo many headphone cables lying around. There are so many that when someone comes over, they are in awe of the vast quantity of headphone cables all in one place. On that note, get this, there are also people these days that have so many pairs of headphones, that they run out of space to put them. Those people adopt this plan of action called the "forget-a-headphone-to-win-a-headphone contest" with a single contestant. Practically saying that they throw out a pair of headphones just so they have room to put the new ones they bought. Farther down the "this some sort of online text" I was reading through the comments of this partaker on the site and they were typing what I hope was a lot of exaggeration, for their sake, of how you know you have too many headphones. If this article reminds you, of yourself, you may have too many headphones.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anybody know who Skullcandy is?

In case you don't know me, I am now going to let you know, I am the guy that lives by Skullcandy products (so please don't try to take it personal when I down other products) mainly because they compliment my style But I have other reasons too.  You see Skullcandy, in my opinion of course, has a great feel for the lows like sub bass frequencies. This is me just to let everyone know, (>*-*)><3<(BASS<). I'm a basshead can't you just assume that from the name of this blog?

You see I like bass, and for the price of the headphones they produce they pump a lot of it as well as great-for-the-price sound quality. Try em out and see for yourself !!


There are however other brands I prefer but I can't afford. Brands such as: Sennheiser, JBL, Logitech, Soul, Sleek, or Flux. Everyone claims that Beats Audio has the best bass, but in my opinion, if you tried some of these brands I bet you would be soon taught differently by SkullCandy products:).